The Waltz

The Waltz

What is it about a complete stranger walking into your life that after minutes or a few days feels like they’ve known you your whole life?

What is this waltz that we dance with someone for months, going back and forth about what we want, what we give, what we cannot give up or are not willing to disclose? We suffer when there is no reason to, we complicate our lives when we don’t need to, and we stop loving when love is the answer. Loving is not about giving up your soul, your life, or who you are, loving is simply sharing your life with someone else, letting them into your daily notions and routines, your good and especially your bad days. Love is not roses and teddy bears or the gesture of answering a phone call or text. Loving someone is really loving them for their faults, for being genuine, for telling the truth for being honest and most of all for loving you. I reference back to a post I wrote two years ago, “love can be so intimidating, it is so private and personal, not to be taken lightly or for granted”, so when you let that person in, be real and love much.

 So much happens in our lives, we fall, we pick ourselves up, we fail, and we celebrate, why not with someone by your side? What is the worst that can happen? The obvious ending to every tragedy: it does not work out. If that is the case, it was nice bumping into you in this life. Don’t give up, the right person will come along and walk by your side, not ahead or behind. Try, it won’t cost you anything, and yes you will learn and you won’t forget it if it goes wrong, but you are certainly not damaged because you gave a damn and tried.

So dance the waltz, even if your rhythm is off at times and you step on each other’s toes, it takes a few tries and a few lessons to fall in love.



“If there’s even a slight chance at getting something that will make you happy, risk it. Life’s too short, and happiness is too rare”- A.R. Lucas


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