The Tide 

Chile, December 2016

I stood on a slippery rock overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The loud waves were now silence, having blocked anything and anyone around me at that moment. It was then that I wanted to jump into that freezing water. I wanted it to numb me: to numb my aching heart, my over-thinking brain, return the tears I shed this year and to allow me to start new. All I wanted was to swallow the salt water, hoping it would cleanse the bad thoughts I wished on people this year and give back those words I said out of anger and fear. I wanted to be reminded that instead of drowning in doubt and sadness, I could swim to the surface and have hope again. 
I could now hear the waves, roaring and clashing against the rocks. Afar I could see my sister and brother-in-law playing in the beach and my dad resting, catching some sun. I wanted to run towards them but the tide would not let me, the water and rippling current got closer and closer. Then it dawned on me: the tide can be low or high. If it’s low, we tend to go for it and take a chance and if it’s high, we hesitate and out of fear give up and miss out. 

Well if we acted out of fear, would we ever accomplish anything or be happy? Truly happy? I jumped off the slippery rock and made my way to the water. I walked inward, directly onto the waves. The waves welcomed me with their intimidating fury, yet gave me the strength I had been looking for months. The tide brought the waves that woke me up; they did not numb me, the freezing waves reminded me that I am to dive, jump, walk or run onto things I am scared of, because if I don’t try, how am I ever going to live? 

If you only had one chance, would you dive, go all in, or walk away towards the sand? 

The beach represents both serenity and fury, as humans we pick the calm days to go and sit on the sand and reflect on life. What we fail to see is that even in times of turmoil, the times that the clouds reign over the beach and the waves are dangerous, we can learn from those days. It is who we choose to do life with that allow us to take those chances, knowing that there is someone there to throw you a life jacket or ride a raft with you into uncharted waters when the tide is high or low. 


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