There comes a day in our lives when we get up and undeniably know we have grown up. We begin to mourn our youth, the times we could be selfish and our worlds were rather small.

Our existence depended on whether other people liked us or if we were loved in return.

We thought only of ourselves: what we were going to wear the next day, whether we had worn our retainers or if we had called back our best friend to talk about the boy in our math class.

Now that we have grown up we begin to reminisce. We replay scenes in our heads; pictures come shooting through our minds and wonder why we rushed through our youth. We could have taken longer to get our feet wet and feel the sand, we could have laughed more often or harder, or we could have loved longer.

We desperately think of reasons or rather excuses as to why we wanted to grow up, now none of them add up.

We tell ourselves we grew up because we wanted to feel more, love more intensely, cry with more reason, and walk with a higher purpose or a heavier strut.

We grew up because maybe we had no choice, or maybe because youth knew it was time to move on. What happened in our youth is not meant to happen again. Youth was the time to romanticize our futures, have ideals and jot down our dreams.

Irrefutably, we grow up: adulthood chooses us. It comes knocking at the door and a gust of responsibilities flies in to bring us emotions, deeper loves, weeps, longer strides and a life ahead to let our purposes be known. Our world now has a bigger circumference and will join somebody else’s world. It is no longer a time to be selfish, it is no longer a time to mourn.

So look up and spend more time laughing.

You will always remember, specially right before you go to bed, you will think of that one time you felt so loved, you will think of that one time you ran at night without a care in the world, you will always remember that smirk you had on your face the first time you knew you were in love, you will always remember the time you sang at the top of your lungs with your friends in the car, you will always remember when you stayed up all night studying for exams and you will always remember that first time you broke someone else’s heart. Always remember, always look at the blurry pictures you took with a disposable camera, but do it with a smile. Smile because you lived.

Do not mourn.


“For years to come, the phrase alone could uncork hours of renewed laughter. And as everyone knows, the best kind of laughter is laughter born of a shared memory” – Mindy Kaling


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