IMG_0914I need the sea because it teaches me, I don’t know if I learn music or awareness,
if it’s a single wave or its vast existence, or only its harsh voice or its shining suggestion of fish and ships. The fact is that until I fall asleep, in some magnetic way I move in the university of the waves”

– Pablo Neruda

I love the smell of the salty water, reminds me of my childhood. The sound of the fearing, crashing waves against the rocks reminds me of traveling, finding myself in beaches I never thought I could go to. The ocean brings tranquility to my life, but only when I stay on the shore. I have a deep fear of the open sea, being stranded in the majestic body of unknown water, deeper than you could imagine.

I am a terrible swimmer, it is beyond absurd how bad I am at trying to float (it is harder than people make it up to be) and I have this panic of sinking and drowning, even if I am in an 8 feet deep pool. The sound of the waves relax me, give me time to think, help me breathe and transport me to happy times.

The sound of waves takes me to days when I was little and we would walk in Chiloe hand in hand with our parents, not a worry in the world.

The sound of the waves take me to Laguna Verde, a place where we went on a retreat with my sisters when they were teenagers and I was only 10 years old. I snuck in to their weekend retreat and was the retreat’s little mascot.

The sound of waves takes me to being in silence and one with the sea in Marbella, where Brianne and I ran away to for a weekend in Spain. It was there that I realized I could do what I set my mind to, never thinking I would find myself in Costa del Sol with one of my best friends. I thought anything was possible in life when my feet touched that sand.

The sound of waves takes me to being in Los Angeles with Fernando, where we ran away for a weekend last year and we did not tell anybody. We wanted to be at the beach, relaxing, and away from it all.

The sound of waves take me to the afternoon my Papucho, Paulina and I found ourselves in Isla Negra. A dream come true for me, a day with my favorite people in a magical place where Pablo Neruda lived some of his most important moments in his life.

Waves transport me to happy memories, times of joy, times of love.

IMG_0910Now what I must work on is going beyond the waves, into the deep sea. I must work the courage to look beyond the happy times and have the courage to explore deeper into this life, into the memories who shaped me as an individual.

May the crashing waves swallow me to the deep sea, where I will continue to grow as an individual, taking in the soaring sea or the calming waters of this life.

Isla Negra, 2015
Isla Negra, 2015

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