Chronicles of a Photo Fanatic

It’s Sunday night and I find myself happily at my place, eating delicious pasta that Fernando cooked for me and watching TV.
About a week or so ago he got me a great gift: a Fujifilm Insta camera. I was stoked! All of a sudden this past Friday I found myself mad because I was trying to chase the sunset with my new camera, but by the time I found a “good shot”, the flash went off and the sunset did not come out in the picture. The beauty of having a film rather than a digital camera is that you have to carefully choose a subject and be sure you want to take that picture, because you cannot tamper with it once the film runs. The concept sounded great until I felt that I had wasted 2 good film strips on the disappeared sunset that afternoon. I threw my tantrum and realized that I was ruining the experience because instead of embracing spontaneity I was overthinking and overanalyzing something that was meant to bring me joy. I now find myself taking at least one picture a day, to embrace the moments we sometimes try to change or fix not realizing that if they come out blurry, out of focus or too dark, that they too are beautiful if not perfect.



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