Quarter of a Century (Old)


As I turn a year older, I think back on all the incredible things I had happen to me this past year.

More so now than ever, I have a sense of accomplishment and gratification all due to the decisions I was able to make recently and the smaller things and details that bring me joy everyday.

 For years, 11 to be exact, I celebrated my birthday during the summer. I grew up in Chile, had one of the happiest childhoods all due to my vivid and active imagination where a card box was transformed into a castle and mud was a chocolate cake. I had the best parents as a little girl, always encouraged me to be myself, act crazy and not be limited by my resources. I have taken to heart all the lessons I have learned in my life and perhaps the one I will never forget is to appreciate the small things that cannot be translated into words but rather felt in our hearts. At 25 years of age I can say I have felt so much love. I have fun, loving and trustworthy people in my life, what more could I want?

Although my hair may be turning gray and my skin may not be as flawless as 7 or 10 years ago, with every wrinkle or mole comes a newfound wisdom, a new revelation about myself and about the person I continue to become.

It’s fun to grow up. I actually care about more than just myself; I wake up in the morning and look at him and think:

  “I wonder what he is dreaming about?”

 I think of my friends who are always there for me even if I go days or weeks without seeing them; it gives me peace knowing that they understand me and get where I am at right now.

 As I grow older all I ask for is to not change who I am in the inside. I keep reminding myself that I have these wonderful friends, family and boyfriend because I must have done something right along the way. It is so rare to have all the pieces fit at such a young stage in our lives, and my puzzle might not be quite there but I am on my way.

 This day will never happen again. Sure other birthdays will come, but the memory of turning 25 will forever stay with me. So I treasure today, not just like any other day; I have another chance to go up the stairs and catch my breath, another chance to kiss him good morning and another chance to be myself. I learned, after many presents and years of stressing out about planning parties, that although it is fun to open gifts and play with the gift wrap, it is much more valuable to know you are loved. Every year I get an early birthday phone call from my dad, since he always gets the dates mixed up, but it is so innocently sweet to know that regardless of the distance and the years he still knows that sometime between the first and second week of February his Coquito was born. Every year I anticipate the phone calls and messages of my loved ones and friends wishing me a happy birthday; I anticipate my sisters being silly and leaving a long voice message singing me an incredibly annoying off-pitch happy birthday song (never gets old) and this year all I want is a happy birthday kiss from the man I love.

 So here is to 25 years of age, or a quarter of a century old to make it more fancy. I could not be happier than this moment right now.



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