When you are ready to dive into the uncharted salty waters of the ocean, you hope to have the right individual by your side.

I once heard that salt water fixes everything. Whether is the calming and at times ferocious salty waters of the ocean or your own salty tears streaming down your cheeks, both provides us with solutions and answers in our lives. The salty waters of the ocean give us a healing consciousness and the tears you’ve shed whether you are crying to heal or to celebrate are the universal sign that you care too much about something you were not aware of.

At times we find ourselves shedding tears to patch up wounds or open old ones because in that given moment, those salty tears were the only solution available, in order to move on, perhaps to forgive or simply to forget.

When someone else’s actions truly impact us and hurt us, we cannot help but dwell on it, relive it in our minds and when a solution is not given, we collapse. The ocean, although it can be predicted when a storm will hit, can be very unpredictable, much like our emotions; after all, we are human. The supernatural nature of the ocean presents a challenge to us, a place that gives us tranquility, but once a storm forms, we fall into turmoil, fear and at times what feels like death. These storms will pass, like they always do, and we have no control of what others may say or how others may behave; you are only responsible for your thoughts, actions and reactions to these showers, lightning, and floods.

I am a horrible swimmer. I, in order to swim somewhat properly, have to hold my nose with one hand while I attempt to swim with the opposite arm. When a storm hits my paradise and haven, I try hard to remain calm, swim to the best of my ability, struggle to make it through the current, but along the way I remind myself that it will all be over soon. Like the storms in the ocean, we face misunderstandings, catastrophes, arguments and disagreements, and when those moments present themselves, we must rely on each other to understand why we reached that point. We hope that the other person is an avid swimmer or a lifeguard in his or her past life, but we cannot and we must not leave it all on the other person; in order to receive the love and respect we want, we must also provide that same love and respect, it’s an equal partnership. You better hope that your significant other will be there to support you and provide his or her shoulder to cry on.

When those salty tears hit your lips, let them flow, breathe and let it out. Have the confidence that the person you love will wipe them away or cry along with you. Being vulnerable and seeing each other at your worst is the best way to get to know someone. The shore may be rocky or calm, but you will never truly get to know an individual for who they are until you venture into their deep waters. Then and only when that happens will you be certain if you can be with that person for what seems like a promising forever and in return if you decide to stay with that person through the storm, he or she will also know how worth it and how valuable you are to them.

The storms, figuratively speaking, can be the unfortunate outcome of outside influences, out of our control and from different perspectives. I know I have an avid swimmer by my side and I know that he appreciates me for trying to help him when he is in need, even though I need to wear a life jacket and hold my nose when I swim. The mere fact that I’ve tried and faced my fears of drowning shows my commitment to him, as it always should be when you are in love with someone.

So dive and swim, even if it’s hard or even if it hurts; storms will undeniably hit your waters, whether it’s a result of your or his and her mistakes or outside influences. I am no expert at swimming but trying it led me past the storm and to calm salty waters. The saltiness in my mouth from the ocean water tasted good once I knew the storm was gone; once I knew my avid swimmer was by my side.

I let him dry my salty tears when I am frustrated or hurt; he lets me toss him a life vest when he needs comfort or love.



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