Instant Crush

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And we will never be alone again – Julian Casablancas

If we are lucky and life deems us worthy of falling in love, we experience a rush of ecstasy and a slap of stupor when we first lay eyes on that one person that is to walk by our sides for the rest of our lives. An instant crush is a meeting of hearts entwined with a meeting of the minds. I don’t know much about science or chemistry but when I first met him my entire mind resonated with an echo saying: why can’t I be with him now? Life has a sense of humor and knows exactly when we are ready to receive and give the same love as it should be; never giving too much or receiving what we don’t deserve. I know when he first kissed me it was a long overdue moment, something that should have happened years ago but never got a chance to flourish or become more than a few flirtatious lines or exchanged glances. The beauty of it is that neither he nor I acted on it, remaining faithful to the people we were with at the time and realizing that timing was a factor against us and our lifelines would not have crossed.

Over a period of time a crush can gently mature into love but when the right and precise individual presents itself, the clock stops ticking and the timelines we have doodled and sketched for ourselves over the years mingle with someone else’s to become one. It is between the lines of gestures and whispered confessions that love comes to fruition, reminding our hearts that the time we spent waiting was well worth it, never wasted, just misplaced or misused.

An instant crush can swing both ways: our hearts crush after years have left cracks in our hearts finally shattering from abuse and misuse. An instant crush can also mean a moment in time when your unconditional love holds your hand for the first time and your fingers lock. You think in your mind : our hands fit so well  and then you think: I never want to let go of his hand. When someone fills a void in your heart, a black hole that has expanded over the years, it is incredibly comforting and at times scary that your heart now partly and eventually will belong to someone else. When that second arrives, do not hesitate, it is only human to be scared, at times that fear reminding you that love is fragile and should be handled with care.

When shaken, love fluctuates, testing you or the person you love, alerting your heart and mind that what has taken seconds, minutes, days or months to construct can easily tumble down. Do not let it get to that point; the foundation should be laid correctly as to avoid cracks. Always take the time to reminisce on that first instant crush that you shared, remembering that it was a genuine state of daze, where an epiphany told you that she or he was the one, and that now he or she had your heart.


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