Easy to Love

easy to love

It was a natural and unpremeditated love, a kind I had never experienced before.

 This past Thursday at 5:20 PM I became “Tia Coco”. I drove to Houston Saturday afternoon and when I laid eyes on my nephew for the first time I realized that there is a kind of love that everyone should be entitled to feel. There is a love out there that is unintended, not planned, easy and organic, this kind of love should be the love that we all get to experience and should hold on tight to.

As all my friends know I am terrified of babies, never been natural at taking care of them, let alone holding them. As soon as I saw Tyler for the first time, I was overcome with pure happiness and warmth. It is such a crazy thought that two people created this tiny human being, made with pure love. If you are my friend you know I have repeatedly said that I don’t see myself having kids, but seeing my nephew, hearing him breathe and hearing his heart beat made me wish I had someone to share this moment with and have a baby of my own.

That night as I was thinking in bed at the hotel on how many times I’ve felt the kind of love that is sudden and accidental- the love that catches you unexpectedly and makes you think about where you are headed in life, I realized that it has quietly manifested itself in my life. We should all allow ourselves to feel that, to have our hearts hesitate when this strong emotion arrives and be confused as to why a stranger can trigger such premature yet real emotions.

Manifestations of such strong feelings can appear in dreams, be the line of a song that only your heart can tune to or a promised forever by your side; loving the right person should always be easy.

As Ivan and Alyosha’s song Easy to Love says “as the skies turn black, and we know it will from time to time, we came out on top, because you are really easy to love”, I got to thinking that this perfect stranger I find myself standing in front of should feel like that song: easy to love, no questions asked, someone I would follow across the globe just to wrap my arms around or nap next to. As humans we seek to belong and be loved, neither should be forced nor manipulated- it should flow.

 It was easy to love Tyler, a tiny perfect stranger: I cannot wait until he grows up.

-Tia Coco




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