Imperfectly Perfect


When we are in search of finding a perfect better half, we dismiss that we have an imperfectly perfect person right on front of us. The imperfectly perfect person has flaws, a story to tell, worn out shoes that we cannot always relate to but find admiring, someone who is afraid; but then again that is what makes us imperfect and human.We tend to build an erroneous idea of what the perfect individual represents for ourselves, when in reality a list of physical traits won’t suffice. I always remind myself and my girlfriends that friendships, commitment, relationships and any constitution of union takes work to build and make work. It takes effort to break down the walls that have been up for so long, whatever the reason might be.

We all at some point in our lives accumulate baggage and it is comforting to know that whoever we deem worth opening up to and seeing at that given moment also has a past and is not perfect, rather imperfectly perfect for you. Of course depending on where we stand in our lives, what chapter we just finished and what page we just turned, determines when we are ready to let it all out and tell that special person where we come from and why we are the way we are.  I listen to struggles that my friends face and I reiterate that communication and being able to tell someone how you feel is the most sincere and priceless act of all.

It is no secret that I am someone who feels that love should and is part of our daily lives. I am the ‘mama bear’ of my circle of friends who doesn’t mind being the shoulder to cry on or the overly protective friend. I am someone who has suffered but learned from every experience, each experience knocking down one more brick reminding me that being vulnerable and simple is the best way to be honest and true to myself.

We repeatedly impose limitations in fear that the magic we first found will fade; geography, time, age nor culture should tamper with our chances at being happy. An imperfectly perfect person can complete us thus forming the union that we have longed for, rooted in mutual understanding, reciprocated feelings and an unspoken bond that chemistry is responsible for. Superficiality should never be the base of a friendship let alone a relationship; do everything with love and the right one will present itself.

Much like waves, the current will take us where it wants us to go, but in real life we have a choice. It is never our choice who we like or fall in love with, our only choice is whether we will act on those emotions and let the current bring back our feelings to the shore. If only we could find that individual’s footprints on the sand, then our journey would be much easier and less arduous; all we would have to do is follow the prints that will lead us directly to our imperfectly perfect person, better yet, our equal.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah Hall says:

    giiiirl you are a genius :)

  2. You always make me cry with what you write!!

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