Strangers in the Night

[In lieu of belated Valentine’s Day, not just the holiday but also this past Thursday night]


I have a great group of girlfriends who over the years have learned that if they ask me for advice I will most likely tell them to just go for it and take a risk, take a leap or jump through a hoop of fire, even if it means a short-lived happiness and not a promised forever.

Thursday night I was having dinner with a friend and as 1 a.m. struck the clock I realized it has been exactly a year since I got my epiphany tattoo. On my drive home I began to think of all the epiphanies I have had in the past year and how they led me to that day and that hour. You see, I would be lying to you if I told you I never hesitate when I have an epiphany, but truth be told, I get scared. I know I have to make a decision, act on a feeling, or simply give up, because although it means pain for now, a month later or maybe a year after that I will be alright.

We dwell on some many things that happen to us and we tend to let our pasts determine our futures. I have taken a risk lately and I have no idea where it will lead me, but as Frank Sinatra so wonderfully defined it, we are strangers in the night up to the moment when we said our first hello, after that we are no longer strangers. That small gesture of saying hello for the first time, of knowing that that specific person has to be a part of your life, can be the biggest risks of all because it involves your heart. Now, the even bigger risk is taking a leap instead of a step and realizing that the outcome is not what you were expecting because sometimes it’s even better than what we imagined. I not only followed my own advice but also listened to my step-dad as he yelled across the house that night before I left “have a good night, be careless and take risks!”

I got home from dinner that night and that was the only thought that was racing through my mind: I took a risk and it turned out to be better than I could have ever hoped for. The glances exchanged, the laughter combined and two Stella Artois were the best combination for that Valentine’s night.

We must let love in, in order to love.



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