My mother had a dream; it was to provide an amazing life for myself and my sisters. It is safe to say that she has made that happen. It’s not whether we are happy here or not, that has never been the question. It is rather the amount of happiness we have lived here and could not be more thankful for the lives we have. She has spent 4,380 days in the USA and I am ever so thankful for her to have made the decision to be brave, get all her things packed in a tiny suitcase and venture off into a world that seemed to promise her the life she had imagined of as a teenager when she listened to The Mamas and The Papas, Simon and Garfunkel, among others.

The past twelve years have gone by so fast that today when I took her to a celebratory lunch we had not thought of how different things seemed when we first moved here. We struggled a lot, we shed tears for missing our family in Chile so much but time healed those wounds and we overcame our problems and insecurities being foreigners. This does not mean that we don’t think of Chile everyday or our amazing family that has rooted for us and stood by us regardless of the years passing by. For years pass but the memories will never fade. Even during the hardest times, you never gave up or showed any sign of weakness and I admire you for that.

So mom, thank you, I will never be able to repay you.


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