I crossed the Isabel II bridge and saw all the locks hanging and dangling from the bridge’s rail. For years, lovers have a tradition in Sevilla where they bring two locks and lock them together to the rail with their names on each lock signifying that they will be together forever. Year after year nobody can take the locks away, they become a part of the city’s history where the romantic in people awakens to speak.

I walked down the bridge and thought of only one person who I would want to do that with. I imagined you and I walking down Arjona Street towards the Rafael Montesinos gardens overlooking the river. Not even the scorching heat of the Spanish summer  could keep me from sharing this moment with you. We stop at the Capote Bar by the river and have a sip of a refreshing tinto verano and blissfully smile and enjoy one another. It is such a relief to know that you are someone who understands my very core; can speak to me with the utmost intellect and yet carry the most simplistic conversation of all.We continue on our stroll and make it to the Paseo De Las Delicias. There, we indulge in some gelatto and sit down to people watch. We have the best time making up stories about the people walking by, complete strangers who go about their daily routines yet seem so interesting to our eyes. I have not seen you in over two years and the nerves rush blood to my face, revealing my innocence and eagerness to touch your lips and hold your hand. Sitting on a bench at the plaza by Puerta de Jerez you and I catch up on our lives, as we have lived them separately, making peace with our pasts and getting rid of our baggage.

 We walk past bars and restaurants and make our way to the Maria Luisa park. We admire the beautiful Plaza de España and see the carriage horses by the park.We find a spot under the shade where the strong sun won’t interrupt our conversation and you surprise me by taking out a Ruben Dario pocket book from your shorts’ back pocket. And so when you begun to read me those lines was the moment I knew I loved you. You read to me “amar, amar, amar, siempre, con todo el ser y con la tierra y con el cielo” (“love, love, love, always, with all your soul, with the earth and all the heavens”). It was THAT moment that I realized that all the time I waited for you to come along was the time I took to get to know you, when you were in front of me all along. It was you and only you that could provoke a smile on my face, even when the routine got dull or stress and tired days pounded my head. The days I spent traveling specially in Paris which was the hardest city to get around in, I could think of you and all of a sudden I was alright. And so when you finished reading me the poems I finally had the courage to steal a kiss from you, and that was enough.

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face because the dream I just described will one day be a reality and a lived memory in my life. Maybe we won’t find ourselves in Sevilla but perhaps in a remote city or in an isolated spot in a different continent. If only it could be tomorrow, but I can wait. Two thousand miles stretch between our lonely nights but one day there will be but breath separating us.

I love you my friend,



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Natalia says:

    Beautiful! So very romantic <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I felt like I was there (not creeping) lol that was beautiful!

  3. Eloquent Gal says:

    I wanted to share the moment, I am glad you felt like you were there in a non-creepy way Lol

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