Farewell Infantes Street


Four weeks have gone by and I feel like Sevilla could possibly be called home. It is the strangest feeling how a place unknown to me a few months back has now become a place that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Not only will I be reminded of this amazing experience through pictures I have taken, but snippets of songs will always take me back to the mornings at the Infantes Street house getting ready to go to class while Brianne and I jammed to songs to make our early mornings a bit more bearable. The smell of urine will FOREVER remind me of the back streets by our house in Sevilla since our neighbors never quite pick up after their dogs. The cold mornings and scorching afternoons will bring me memories of walking down Feria Street, Cervantes Street and our beloved Churruca Street which was the reference point anytime we panicked and got lost in the narrow isolated streets of the barrio antiguo. The smell of coffee will send me back to all the mornings we observed Sevillanos and Sevillanas drink their espresso shots on their way to work and to drop off their children at school. The noise of motorcycles and the ringing of bells from a bicycle will remind me of all the times either myself or Brianne almost were run over by one of them, as people, cars, vespas, bicycles and dogs tried to hog the narrow streets. From now on, every Thursday morning I will think of our street’s Thursday morning market where people from all other neighborhoods brought their antiques, old books, used clothes, things they once held so dear to their hearts but now are willing to sell due to the economy. Every Thursday morning Brianne and I walked by there before heading to class and at times found the most random yet fascinating items: old postcards, black and white photos, flamenco dresses, encyclopedias, jewelry, movies, records, frames, lamps, etc. It was the father of all garages we had ever encountered. And how could I not bring up the infamous siestas. When Brianne and I first arrived in Sevilla we thought people were lazy for wanting to nap every single day. Oh no, no, now naps are daily must in our lives. I was never a napper before coming here but the heat and the inability to function with no air conditioning in a hundred degree weather sort of convinced me of the idea of must-have naps. I was unaware how naps had helped me relieve stress when one afternoon someone was making a lot of noise in the house and I was livid that my nap was being interrupted.

What have learned from this city? You cannot live your life when you take it too seriously. I have enjoyed every second, through the heat, when we were lost trying to find the house or a place to go, when I was starving during siesta time and could not buy food or groceries because everything was shut down, when people would look at us weird for asking typical touristy things, etc, everything that once felt unpleasant, uncomfortable or awkward now is the biggest lesson I have learned. I am extremely proud of myself and Brianne, we survived!

Barcelona, Mallorca, Paris: see ya next week! Dallas, July 2nd is almost here!


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