“Te envio las fotos cenando en Marbella…”


For years now I had heard that Marbella, located in Costa del Sol in Spain was an enchanting and beautiful place to visit. On a Friday morning, Brianne and I took a bus from Sevilla through the mountains and steep hills and made it to Marbella. We checked into our hostel, Hostal del Pilar, and got to know some of the most random yet humble and precious people ever. We got situated in the hostel and with some guys that were also staying at the hostel made our way to the beach. It was so relaxing to look at the waves crashing on the rocks and the sound that it made. I continued reading “El Zahir” by Paulo Coelho, while Brianne was sunbathing and people-watching. Time flew by and it was already close to seven in the afternoon. We walked back through the casco viejo, “old neighborhood” of Marbella, and to our luck it was Feria weekend. We all changed from our bikinis and swimming trunks and walked to the Feria. The energy was insane, everyone drinking, dancing, dressed in Flamenco attire and just living life how it’s supposed to be lived: without stress or worries. Everyone looked happy. Everyone was free. We hopped from bar to bar and danced until we had blisters on our feet. It was an amazing night. We walked back to our hostel, walked up the stairs to the terrace and looked at the city lights and listened to the sounds of the night: people arguing, people dancing and singing, the sea whispering and bodies uniting and minds connecting through conversations and laughter. The last day we were there, which was Sunday, Brianne and I headed to the beach one last time on our own. We just relaxed and stayed quite for a while. I got in the water and it was freezing. Then, an overwhelming feeling of serenity hit me and for some reason I thought of my dad. I think I thought of him because I have not been able to talk to him since I have been in Spain, but the serenity he sent my way was all I needed. This trip has been amazing, and there’s much more to come.

Happy Father’s Day, te amo!



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