Una Vida Sevillana

El dia ha sido bueno, la noche puede llegar- Paulo Coelho

The day has been good, the night can arrive

A week has gone by in Sevilla and I have only seen half of the city and what it has to offer. We have walked everywhere in the scorching heat of the cobbled streets of Sevilla and everyday we find something to smile and laugh about. Here are a few pictures of events, people and places we have stumbled upon. Enjoy.


Brianne at Plaza de España


Innovative architectural structure that sits atop Roman ruins in the center of Sevilla


Matalascañas Beach in Sevilla


Women dressed in Flamenco attire celebrating La Señora del Rocio de Macarena in the streets of Sevilla.


A man singing while riding the horse in front of the Virgin on its way to the church.


La Señora del Rocio de Macarena, Sevilla.


Spanish swag.


Flamenco show at La Casa de la Memoria in Barrio Santa Cruz, Sevilla.


Eating at Cerveceria Mezquita after the Flamenco show.


Bar Antojo in street Calatrava, Sevilla


Drinking Tinto Verano (Sangria) at Bar Antojo. YUM!



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  1. Love you Coquito! Have fun, be safe!

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