First 48: Sevilla

Is this real? I tossed and turned all night long, feet too hot and fan not working properly. My eyes were shut and suddenly I remembered I was no longer in Dallas. For three days now I have been in the continent of Europe, seven hours older than my friends and family in Dallas. What am I doing here? Let’s backtrack.

It was six months ago that my friend Brianne and I decided to study abroad in Sevilla, Spain, not knowing anyone there or  having stayed away from our homes for a whole month before. I personally decided to take this trip to take time for myself, to get to know myself a little better and to be the Cinthya that I want to become: a dreamer that makes her dreams a reality. I had never been to Europe before and stepping on Spanish ground was a dream come true. Our trip here was not easy by any means. Brianne and I traveled for almost a whole day, Dallas to Philadelphia, Philadelphia to Lisbon in Portugal and finally Lisbon to Sevilla. A nice lady affiliated with the program that we were in picked us up at the airport on Friday night. I say night, but in reality it looked like it was six in the afternoon, as it was still really light outside. She was our first encounter with the forward, outspoken Spaniard culture. Needless to say, people here are very straight to the point and do not waste their time in minor things. They are a very interesting culture.

We made it to our Picasso Backpacker Hostel that night and met the nicest Chinese woman that was in the same room as us. She had been traveling for forty days along Europe with nothing more than two backpacks and her maps and dictionaries. Looking at her, I could not imagine someone braver, as she did not speak fluent English nor Spanish. Later Brianne and I got ready and walked around the city. It was beautiful weather, mild breeze and a city full of life, with mellow laid-back individuals that seemed to not worry about a thing in the world. We spent the weekend in the hostel, walking around the city, along the river and got to see amazing places such as La Catedral de Sevilla, La Plaza de España, la Plaza de Toros, among other historical buildings. Sunday afternoon we made it to our permanent residency for the next month, Residencia Infantes, a four story antique house located in the antique neighborhood of Sevilla. We have met several people that are living in the house who are also studying at CLIC (Centro de Lenguas e Intercambio Cultural). We went to class today in the morning, took some placement tests and signed up for upcoming trips to the beach and bar outings.

These past few days have been incredibly challenging, confusing and tiring, nonetheless rewarding and certainly a trip of a lifetime.

Stay tuned.


Brianne having Patatas Fritas con Huevo y Cerveza.


Typical House in Sevilla




Yours truly at La Plaza de España



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  1. Seeeessster says:

    Have fun and be safe! :)

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