1 Month. 1 Week


And so the countdown has begun. In exactly a month and a week, I will be stepping on Spaniard ground. Back in December, when I decided to study abroad for the summer, I never actually thought that I would be able to follow through with it. Who better to share this experience with than with one of my best and dearest friends Brianne? We decided to be a bit adventurous and picked Sevilla as our final destination for a month-long study abroad program. This trip could not have arrived at a better time.

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but for the last two years, anytime I’m getting ready to take a long trip, opportunely it happens right after I’ve been having a shitty past couple of months whether it’s work related, relationships or lack of them, or stress overall. I’m not trying to make this a pattern in my life by any means but it always seems like I’m running away from something. A year ago, I was selfishly running away from seeing my mom move on and fall back in love. This time around, I’m running away from something that I can’t quite pin-point. I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster, like PMSing every other day, snapping at people and at times feeling completely drained and burnt out. What is wrong with me? I know I am not alone in this. I have girlfriends that express the same feelings from time to time. Is it because we’re growing up? Someone give me a damn answer.

Spain’s laid-back atmosphere and fun reputation sounds perfect right about now, but I don’t want to feel like I’m running away from something or someone. I was having dinner with my cousin Natalia tonight and she completely called me out on my strange mood; at times being super happy and the minute after super anxious and snappy. I need a beer and I need to be boarding that plane with final destination to a month of happiness and newness in Spain. I cannot wait until I’m there, being careless, daring, happy and without a worry in the world. And don’t worry, I will be back, my car payments and school loans are keeping me focused and grounded. LOL.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. HISH says:

    You are something else ! Lets party lol

  2. Your evil sis says:

    You run from meeeeeeeee. I gonn get chooooo! ;) Love you, freak face.

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