A Carousel Ride…



“Let it go, let it go, let it go”.

I told myself those words, driving back home after work last week, late at night. I needed to let it go, and randomly cry and let all the pain go away. Certain phrases, songs, melodies, even scents trigger a certain time in your mind and your brain nicely reminds you of a scene you previously lived and reminisce on. I literally drove half an hour home, radio turned off and thought all the way home about what I’m emotionally going through .

Friendships and relationships are like riding a carousel, they go fast and slow, sometimes fun or at times sickening.

When we stumble upon someone’s life and they seem like the perfect stranger or best friend you’ve ever had, why are we the ones that have to pay for their past’s scars? You should not be afraid to tell him or her what you feel. I know you’ve been hurt in the past, I know that you once cared too much about someone that did not care back.


So ride the carousel and figure out if you want to stick around. Speak up!


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