Severe Thunderstorm Watch

As I sit at home, after a long weekend filled with stress and good company, I watch on the television screen the warnings from the weather service, announcing sever thunderstorms and hail. I walk to my room, put on socks and sit comfortably on my couch and begin to reflect on our storms. Often, we can smell the rain coming, we can hear the hail hitting our windows, but do nothing to prevent it or prepare ourselves for it. Obviously, we are no rain gods or goddesses  but when we can feel a storm coming in our lives, do we run to get an umbrella, or do we stand outside to feel the rain?

I can hear the hail hitting my window, and I immediately think of all the times that situations hit us; we can hear them, see them, but choose not to react to them. We often tune out the noise and prefer not to face our problems, rejections or the reality of it all. Hail does not last too long, but when it hits, we know it; it leaves dents in our cars, roofs and everything that can protect us. When unwanted situations come our way, regardless of a warning or not, we feel vulnerable and weak. The hails in my life have a sneaky way to creep up on me when I am least prepared, don’t we all feel like that? I carry an umbrella in my car at all times, hoping for the worst to come my way, but at least I am prepared.

When there’s a drought we wish for rain, but when unexpected, rain is unwanted and certainly not needed. When things seem to be going great and the way we want them to, we feel like we need to touch the ground, because we think we don’t deserve the best or because we are used to having a severe thunderstorm soak us. The smells of the rain or the pain in our bones is like our intuition, we know something is coming, just don’t know when or where we’ll be when it starts. If only we could have warnings in real life telling us not to go to that date, to leave that job, to have the courage and talk to that person, etc, life would be much smoother. But, if we had the warnings, would we choose to read them or would we still risk it and go out in the rain?

I will continue to carry my umbrella around, wherever I may go, until the skies clear up and the rain stops pouring.


One Comment Add yours

  1. sublimelove says:

    i carry an umbrella in my car too!
    and when i walk out and it rains i forget it and get soaked! i like the rain. and i loved your post.

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