Fools Rush In


“There was an impression in her face, at least, of a rich warm sympathy, of youth and  suffering side by side” – F. Scott Fitzgerald (Last Kiss).

 He made Mondays pleasant for me.

Oh as a fool I rushed in! For unexplained reasons (he actually explained but I did not fully listen), I am utterly surrendered to any approach or advance made towards me from the male species. Exaggeration aside.

“I told you so” ringed in my ears as he talked to me on the phone. All the “I told so” from friends in the past couple of weeks came slapping me in the face as he told me the awful, unwanted speech of how we can not be anything beyond friends.

Confession # 1 of a Hopeless Romantic: I like people not easily but I know pretty fast whether I like you or not.If you are reading this, know that I knew after the first time that we went out that I liked you.

I had a great time with him; we went out twice and those two long and late nights, I would not trade for anything. My gut had told me all along last week, that what I was beginning to feel was too good to be true. I was trying to step on the breaks of my conscious and I was trying to touch down and remain grounded but because everything felt good, I was not letting anything bring me down. Oh gut feeling, how I detest you!

Why must we face rejection? To learn and move on? Better liked then not have liked at all, right? Is that how it goes? Nevertheless, even though I did not know him so well and we had barely started to get to know one another, I was really having hopes that something was to come out of this. He is a great guy and despite the phone call earlier today, my feelings on him have not and will not change: he is still nice, a gentleman and an amazing guy to the right girl that he will eventually find. I owe it to him though, honesty is a good thing and he was a hundred percent honest.

Tears were shed; of anger for letting myself rush in once again.

If YOU are reading this, know that I am an immensely understanding person and I hold no grudges or bitterness against you.

Life works in unexpected ways… we get what we want but at times we must be ready to take on whatever life may bring. And so I will keep being myself, whatever that may be.


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  1. Kassandra says:

    I know you said you hold nothing against him but IMO he is the fool! You are smart, talented, and effortlessly naturally beautiful inside and out. His loss girl! Now go listen to Beyonce’s Best Thing I Never Had because that will your theme song for all these blind and dumb losers when a GOOD man with some sense comes and scoops you up!

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