Love Ties & Knots

"Nada en este mundo sucede por casualidad" -Paulo Coelho "Nothing in this world happens by chance" -Paulo Coelho

When we hear what we want a man to say to us, the skies open up.

This past weekend I decided to go out with some of my best girlfriends: Vicky, Andrea and Nata. My friends always have the capability of making me forget about all my stress and man do I laugh with all their stories and silly personalities. As we barhopped down Uptown in Dallas we stumbled upon Blackfriar. We usually go to that bar because people there seem a bit more mature (although it’s frat town) and they have more fans on (the heat is ridiculous even at night). As we were there, sitting, talking and looking completely unapproachable hahaha, a guy next to me offered to take a picture for us. I handed him my phone and he took a group picture of me and my girlfriends. As I looked at the picture I thought “that was really nice of him, what should I say?”. And so I proceeded with my clever line:

-“Why are you wearing a tie?”

Turns out, luck was on my side this weekend because after months of frequenting the same bars (not that often thought), I met a nice, cute, normal guy.

When we search for so long, we give up on finding someone, and like many say, after many failures, the right one comes along. No, I am not jumping ahead, he might not be the right one after all, but what I do know is that when I least expect it, the right man will grab me and never let me go. I know I previously said I would wear a “Do Not Disturb” sign until I wouldn’t hurt any longer but my intuition tells me I should give this man a chance. We often find ourselves in love ties, which are the right match for us; but we might also tangle ourselves in love knots, not being able to escape.

He made a great impression on me and I will never forget when he said something along these lines:

“I date someone to eventually marry them or because I envision myself with them for a long-time”

Um, I was not aware, men out there still thought that way :) I am impressed. It’s funny, I was talking to Andrea in the morning about this guy and I told her what he had said and she knew exactly what I was thinking. As a hopeless romantic I have always thought the same thing, I don’t waste my time (although it might seem like it by reading my previous posts) and when I like someone, they will know and I like them to stick around. I had a personal resolution that I made to myself recently, to only date someone that I eventually can marry. I know I am only 22 years old, but like I have said before, dating is mentally exhausting and I mean serious business to find the right person for myself. Love ties are sewn with respect, sincerity, genuineness and affection. Love knots are tangled with disrespect, dishonesty and lack of interest or wrong intentions. We are all bound to experience both extremes in our lives, but in our short-lived lives thus far, I can only hope y’all have seen more ties than knots.

I can only tell you about my life and what I experience, in hopes that I am of some help with my stories and mishaps. I learn from all the knots I have been trapped on and I sure will learn from all the ties I will experience in the future and this new man I am getting to know.My past knots will forever haunt me, by reminding me of the mistakes I made and the failures I faced. That’s alright. I am here now, for a reason, and I could not be happier of how my life has turned out. I have made it this far by trusting my gut feeling and although I have gone through unfortunate events, I am ready for the unusual to keep heading my way. Because we all love the thrill, the new experiences and the new feelings people provoke in us. We all want nothing but ties our way, but knots are also bound to show themselves eventually; they might be in the form of different political or religious views, cultural differences or even every-day situations or ways of doing things. Whatever they may be, work on untangling them, we are not here to waste our days trying to hold on to unfinished business, rather we are here to make new memories and clean the slate.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kassandra says:

    Hey girl! Sounds like you had a fun night but tread carefully…that sounds an awfully lot like game (that’s where the idea for those Ashton Kutcher commercials came from lol). Hopefully he’s just a nice guy and you all have a great time together, just remember to guard your heart. Man if I knew what I know now when I was 22 (dang I feel OOOOLD saying that LOL!) things would have went more smoothly to say the least. We should get together for drinks and girl talk soon! :)

  2. Eloquent Gal says:

    I had a great night and my gut tells me and I know this for sure: he is not playing games. Thank you for looking out for me though. We do need to go out for drinks sometime :)

  3. Kassandra says:

    9 years ago my gut told me that cute soldier in the glasses would be more than a friend and we’d be together. 9 years and 4 kids later we still are so 2 thumbs up for female intuition! I hope this is the one for you! You don’t have to have 4 kids though LOL!

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