Where Am I Going? Where Have I Been?

"Where I'm at is clear..where I'm going is still a blurr"- CSV


I had lunch today with a lovely friend of mine, J.J. We tend to meet once a year (we lead very busy lives) and we catch up about everything that has gone on in our lives, from new love interests, to new careers, to possible new career paths, to everything that we want to accomplish in the near future. As I was talking to him today, I realized that we tend to always want things that at the moment are not an option. For example, I would love to have my own place and be a little more independent but if I were to do that, I would have like 50 cents left in my bank account :$. I envision a future with lots of traveling and meeting lots of new people but unfortunately I can’t do that if I go to school full-time and work full-time on top of that.

Where am I going? That is the million dollar question.

Where have I been? That is easy to answer. This past year has been a crazy, hectic yet rewarding year. I took a whole year off from school (against my will) and decided to work my butt off to save money and do things that I had not gotten a chance to do before. I have been to  a lot more places, traveled on my own to Chile and have been able to afford my own things. I pushed myself to do things that I was not aware I was capable of handling and undertaking. I had a lot of time to think about myself and fond out the things that I really like or totally detest about myself and my surroundings. I have evolved into a mature twenty-two year old woman who takes life seriously but still likes to have fun. I went on a road trip with my mom and sister to California and on the way back made a stop in Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Let me tell you, if you have not been to the Grand Canyon, please go! It is such a breath-taking experience… so peaceful and beyond what you can expect. In Chile I was able to do my own thing, do whatever I felt like doing and I submerged myself into the crazy culture I was born into. It was a learning experience and I got to know my oldest sister Paulina even better. Oh how I love that woman! :) This past year also taught me patience and how big of a virtue it is. I mean BIG virtue, because I am still trying to learn and take my sweet time to make decisions, after all it’s my future we are talking about. I have constant dreams about my life and where I will end up, and if my dreams are anything but a glimpse of what’s in store for me, then I can safely say I will be very happy. I can not wait until I have a career and go out there and do what I love. I want to be ambitious and driven.I want to be able to write my own future and watch it unfold.


In Argentina, April 2011


In San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina


Driving to Cali, March 2011 (Myself, Sister and Mom)
The Grand Canyon (I had to jump)
Viña del Mar, Chile :)

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