Let me start my post by saying that I am by no means desperate.

According to

des·per·ate/ˈdespərit/Adjective is

1. Feeling, showing, or involving a hopeless sense that a situation is so bad as to be impossible to deal with.
2. (of an act or attempt) Tried in despair or when everything else has failed; having little hope of success. 
Just because I have not found a descent man to share my life with in over a year, does not mean that I have lost every hope. I have this ritual that every morning when I wake up, I head to the bathroom, grab my phone and read my horospcope (thank you Ali!). I read it this morning and although it’s not something to take seriously, my horoscope is looking pretty promising if you ask me. Last night I went to a bar to watch the Mavs game with some old friends from High School. There, I met a friend of theirs and he was actually quite nice. We talked for a bit, exchanged common interests like writing and literature in general and that was it. We headed back to our table, exchanged a few glances and the game was over. I proceeded to hug my friends goodbye and he awwardly shook my hand and said “nice meeting you”. Yeah… (cricket cricket)…. that’s a nice way to say ” you’re not my type because I don’t want your phone number”. WAHHHH!!!!!!! I really thought he was going to at least ask for my facebook LOL. Oh well. Then I thought, maybe he thought I was “emotionally slutty”, as Carrie Bradshaw would say. I can be pretty slutty when it comes to my emotions, I reaveal too much, too quickly. What can I say? I rather feel and get hurt then not have emotions at all. Can I get an amen? Thanks! I know you guys know that I can be pretty straightforward but I think I’m gonna start trying the whole “I’m mysterious and don’t talk a lot” approach. Maybe that’ll get me something. So to conclude, it’s all Ok because….

xoxo, CSV.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    Yes don’t ever be desperate and whatever you do stay away from married men, TRUST me on this, the last thing you want is wife/baby momma drama!

  2. sublimelove1 says:

    somehow you will know who i am. <3 miss u

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