Valparaiso De Mi Amor

I have just spent the craziest weekend of my life thus far ; a healthy dose of fun. I got on a Pullmanbus bus in Santiago and made my way to Viña del Mar to meet one of my dearest friend, Danilo. I have known him since we were seven years old. It’s one of those friendships that you can spend years apart but the moment you see that person again it’s as if you never left their side. He was my first crush as a little girl and we used to write love letters to one another. I actually still have his letters. I was a nervous wreck on the bus. To my horrible luck they sold me and an old man the same seat number so I had to give him my seat and I had to put up with him eating a sandwhich and drinking booze next to me (yuck) haha! All I could think of was that I wanted to get to Viña already and see my friend. Nothing ever had happened between us, we have always been really good friends and last time  I was in Chile, I saw him for his birthday and that was it. I got to Viña and he was no there. I went to the bathroom, came back upstairs to the terminal and he was still not there. Finally I see him smiling from across the room. He ran up to me and squeezed the living daylights out of me.We got to the bus stop and headed to Quilpue to his house.

The day went by, we got ready to go out at night and our destination was Valparaiso. If there is something to know about that city is that it never ever ever sleeps and it has the craziest hills and streets. I can safely say that I have the most muscular legs now from walking up and downt the hills for two consecutive days. I am SORE.

 We made it to a so-called Bar La Playa. It had a great atmosphere filled with college kids from Valpo and Viña. We started drinking beer Escudo.  Fast forward the night and we are all dancing to Chico Trujillo and other random songs ranging from electronica to reggaeton to cumbias and everything in between. I danced for almost 4 hours straight and it was awesome. At almost 5 am we are all walking up the hills of Valparaiso and made it to Paul’s Hostel named Yoyo Hostal where the whole group stayed talking all night and singing. 

  We had breakfast and headed back to Quilpue. I had a great time. I was half way across the world partying and not worrying about working or anything else. I was happy. The next night we headed to Valpo again and went to a different bar which I can’t remember the name. I told Danilo that this was the best therapy I have had in a long time. Not having to worry about a thing was fabulous, thanks to him. He made sure I was having fun at all times and never left my side. His girlfriend and other friends were incredibly nice and welcoming; I want to go back. 

 I did not want to say goodbye. It was such a nice experience.Farewell Valparaiso and Viña, I’ll be back to these shores someday.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. karly says:

    i want deatailssss hahaha lovee uu

  2. Techy says:

    Talking about being eloquent…. you even live eloquently! But Coquito, I don’t think it’s about the right places…it rather is about the right people… Love you,

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