Bilz & Pap

As I´m sitting in my sister´s office at work, I drink a Pap (Chilean soda) slowly and reminisce on my childhood. Being here in Chile reminds me of some many details and instances that I lived as a kid but I´ve slowly forgotten about or tend to block.

Seeing my dad last week for the first time in four years brought tears to my eyes. He has certainly changed not only physically but also mentally. He has probably lost close to 15 pounds since he moved from the states (he loved Wendy´s) and is even more passive than before. If there is one thing you need to know about my dad is that he never laid a hand on me as a kid, he instead chose to impose guilt trips and mental games on us instead of hitting us with a belt. He is by far the most passive man I have ever come across in my life thus far and he is not going to change. In a way that is his flaw. Although he is an extremely sweet and understanding man, he never had it in him to rule in our household and lay down the law. Instead he chose to watch from the sidelines and never imposed harsh rules or worried about our bills. My dad´s main objective in life, and still is today, is to do good but not get paid for it, which could have put us on the street if my mom had not been as strong as she is to this day. I love him very much and seeing him the other day made me think about him and where he will be in the next couple years which terrifies me. Not being close to him scares me. I tend to forget that I have a dad and that thought should never cross my mind.

Although I love my father very much, I would like to confess that my mother has always worn the pants in our household and to this day is the strongest woman I know. She was capable of putting a roof on our heads from the minute we were born and kept two jobs at a time just to make ends meet. I was talking to my sister Paulina here the other day and we were amazed at all the things that my mom was able to do. She paid rent, bills, food and managed to keep us clothed with the latest trends as little girls. She always cared about us and never put herself first.

I have two wonderful sisters and the three of us would have never been this awesome if it had not been for our mother.

From very early on our mother taught us to be responsible, independent and generous. Anything she put her mind to she was able to accomplish. She was raised in Quitratue, Chile (population: 3,000 people) and studied English from very early on in her life. After marrying my dad and having the three of us, life was hard for us. Years went by and her objective became to move to the United States and have a life there. Well my friends, thank my mother for having me in your lives! haha! She made it happen back in 2000 and it is because of her that I have the privilege to live in such a nice place and was able to meet all of yáll. It´s safe to say that I inherited determination from my mother because I put my mind on something and even if it takes me a bit longer, I accomplish it.

My mom when she was about 9 years old in Quitratue.

And so, the purpose of this entry was to thank you, Mom, for all you have ever done for me, Danya and Paulina. I might not express it often but TE QUIERO!

My adventure in Chile continues, I depart to Viña del Mar tomorrow to reunite with a very good old friend Danilo. Details to follow.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Vic says:

    “Honour thy father and thy mother,…” Mathew 19:19

    1. Cinthya says:

      I’m not saying that I don’t honor my dad.. this post was in honor of Mother’s Day and just like my mom has taught me a lot so has my dad :)

  2. D.A says:

    :) yaaay mom! :)
    miss you cinty

  3. Techy says:

    I thought my comment the other day has gone through, but evidently it didn’t. Hopefully this one will.

    All I want to say is that God guides us parents to do the job He has entrusted us with.
    I have enjoyed you and your two sisters to the fullest, at any age. The three of you have been my inspiration to keep going, always! I LOVE YOU COQUITO, DANITA Y PAULINITA!!

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