Marraquetas? Yes please.

I am in my beautiful country of Chile and could not be happier :) I arrived almost 4 hours later than the expected but I had a rather interesting flight. Since I was freaking out of my mind in Dallas waiting to depart, the flight got delayed from 9.30 pm to 10. It was around 8.30 and I was ready to check in because of my stand-by ticket. As I looked incredibly lost and had the deer in the headlights look I asked a guy next to me

´´Is this the line for the Chilean flight?´´

He proceeds by saying:

´´I hope so, I missed my flight to Brazil so now I have to take a plane to Chile and then to Sao Paulo´´

He seemed overly nice and not to mention cute so I stuck around and talked. After I reserved my seat I waited for him and I was to be seated on 30J and he got 40J. To my horrible luck, our flight got delayed evern more and was not going to be departing till another half hour. He then said:

 ¨I think I´m going to find something to drink´´

Since I tend to be a bit forward I kinda invited myself along O.o hahaha (you guys know me)

We ended up at an Irish Pub located inside the airport and he ordered a blue moon and I ordered a Stella. The bartender asked:

´´What are yall up to?´´

and the Brazilian guy said:

´´We are just trying to miss our flight´´

I seriously felt like I was in a movie where a random guy and girl meet at the airport and fall madly in love hahaha!

We finished our beers and ran to our gate D23 only to find out they were moving us to D25 and giving us dinner vouchers because we were not scheduled to depart until after midnight. We introduced ourselves, his name was Marcos.  We had dinner at Blue Mesa Grill and honestly it was such a strange feeling that I felt so comfortable with a COMPLETE stranger (I know you girls are thinking I am insane for talking to a him). We kept talking during dinner and found out he had studied in Little Rock, Arkansas and was also a great violin player but he lost his touch after he focused in studying International Business which is why he currently lives in Brazil (where he was born and raised). Let me tell you, I am the master at getting people to talk to me and give me details hahaha. He was so interesting, obviously older than me because he graduated from high school on ´98 so he´s around 29 to 30. He never asked me my age. We talked about the most random things and honestly I wish I knew where he was right now. We boarded the plane, and he helped me put my carry-on bag on the overhead compartment. I was lucky to sit by the window and no one by my side. The plane took off and then I hear:

´´I guess I´m sitting next to you tonight´´

OMGGGGG the guy came and sat next to me all night and slept by my side :) I was even atrevida enough to grab onto his muscular arm while sleeping hahahahaha! Can I go back to the plane right now!?!?!? HAHAHA!

We woke up in the morning when we were about an hour from getting to Santiago. We had breakfast and funny thing the stewardess thought we were husband and wife hahaha (I wish!). Before getting to Santiago he went back to his seat and said

´´ Well I have to go get my bag and fill out my immigration forms. I´ll see you after we get off the plane, no?´´

I said:

´´Yeah I´ll see you outside¨

FAILLLLL! I didn´t ask him for his e-mail or facebook. UGHHHHH!

After I got off the plane, I slowly walked to immigration hoping he would catch up to me and say one last thing. I looked at my phone and when I looked up he had walked past me and did not say goodbye. I saw him from far away and he waved. My sister Paulina has made fun of me all day because I can not stop talking about this mysterious Brazilian guy who was overly smart, cute and intriguing. FML, I want to find him.

Other than my crazy weird and random flight I arrived in Chile safely :) The weather is muggy today but not as cold as I thought. I MISS YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH!!!! I picked up my dad at the bus station about two hours ago and he is cute as ever and skinnier hahaha. He immediately asked ´´Y como esta la baby girl (Andrea) y la Flaka (Karly)?´´ hahahaha! Oh dad :)

I will keep posting things up, Love yall!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. D.A. says:

    You freak. I figured something like that would happen LOL.
    Take pics and post!

  2. Andrea says:

    i love it!!
    your trip started off right!i hope your having a blast over there..i miss you soo much cintita!!

  3. karly says:

    only you! hahah
    aww tan lindo tu papa :)

  4. Natalia says:

    ahhhh! man! I hope you do find him, and think you will, but sometimes a little mystery in our lives just makes things more exciting. I agree with Andrea, your trip started off right. Love youuu and miss you more!

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