Stress-Relief Anyone?

"Y si no da mas, tan solo encuentra lo que hay en tus manos, piensa que dar amor nunca es en vano, sigue adelante sin mirar atras" - Pablo Neruda

“Breathe Cinthya, breathe!”. I am currently chewing on some lemon and gulping down spoon-fulls of honey, why might you ask? I woke up with a horrible sore throat and I AM NOT ABOUT TO GET SICK RIGHT BEFORE LEAVING TO CHILE! I have a week left and I’ll be in my mother country, my native land, the best place on earth. I have not been to Chile since I turned 18 years old, 4 years ago and other than getting to see my sister Paulina, the trip was pretty uneventful. This time around it’s going to be completely different. It will be LEGENDARY (in the wise words of Barney from How I Met Your Mother). I am planning on staying three full weeks and not wasting a second that I spend there. I have been saving for this trip since I started overworking myself back in August and all the early morning floorsets at Bath & Body Works and the long afternoons at the Law Office have certainly paid off. I have worked countless hours for this moment. I can already feel a sense of peace by getting in that plane and traveling 9 hours from here, thousands of feet off the ground. Am I escaping from something? Certainly, who am I kidding? I guess I’ve looked at this mini-vacation as an escape from all the crap I’ve taken in the past year and maybe, just maybe, I might find out new things about myself that I did not know before. Maybe (and this is my hopeless-romantic self kicking in) I will find a guy over there! Hahaha! That would be pretty interesting considering that I have never dated a Chilean guy. Ah, never mind, I think I’ll save myself a lot of trouble if I don’t fall in love with someone over there. In my friend Andrea’s words, “Cinthya you’re a romantic, it’s possible for you to fall in love with someone in three weeks”. She sure knows me. As my my dear friend Natalia and I were having some awesome shiraz/syrah wine Saturday night PMSing and hating on the world, we stumbled upon the subject of my trip. Although I am extremely excited about going I will feel like a foreigner in my own homeland. Is that weird? I moved here when I was 11 years old and the last time I went, I felt like a complete tourist and foreigner. I need to blend in! I don’t want to be the “gringa” that everyone makes fun of. I don’t know the latest slang or the latest trends. AHHHH! I’m already stressing out about crap. Not to mention, I currently have 3 jobs! What did I get myself into?

breathe…. it will all be okay in a week.


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